Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC)

Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC) is the highest body and exclusive professional workplace operating nationwide, ensuring the Anti-Doping Program of the Czech Republic. This professional guarantee for the anti-doping issues was established in 1999 and was funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

CADC operation involves following activities:

  • Control (ensuring of the doping controls)
  • Legaslative
  • Informational and educational

In practice, it means that CADC:

  • Proposes legislative provisions to support the fight against doping, particularly to restrict the availability of pharmaceutics and nutrition supplements containing doping substances.
  • Represents the Czech Republic in the international Anti-Doping institutions
  • Issues Regulations for conducting the doping controls containing the List of prohibited classes of doping substances and methods according to WADA.
  • Conducts In- and Out-of-Competition doping controls and ensures analyses of the collected samples in the doping control laboratories.
  • Issues educational programs and organizes educational events to support the doping free sports competitions.

All doping related issues are since 2004 governed by the World Anti-Doping Code binding as well for CADC. Fight against doping worldwide is secured by the World Anti-Doping agency (WADA) whose member is also CADC.

CADC besides others publishes the Regulations for Doping Control and Sanctions in Sports in the Czech Republic

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