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Informational Card for Athletes

Informational Card for Athletes informs and gives examples of allowed and prohibited medicaments and performance enhancing substances.

It was firsty published jointly by the Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC) and its partners in 2004 and regularly updated every year.

This new issue substitutes a card published in 1994 and is intended for athletes who decide to treat themselves for less serious conditions (despite the fact that treatment of athletes should be provided by specialists). The card is valid for the next four years (the period between the last and the following Olympic Games) and should be especially helpful to Czech representatives.

The card has been distributed to athletes by sports federations, university sports faculties, departmental centres and by sports schools. If you don’t have this card, ask your sport club or federation (a limited number of cards is still available at the Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC)).

This is an enlarged version of the card. Actual size is 7 x 11 cm.

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