The CADC developed preventive programmes to spread out knowledges about the anti-doping work and politics, negative impacts and the health risk of doping to athletes, social aspects of doping and to influence opinions and attitudes of people in sports.

The philosophy of the education programme originates from the model of EUROPACK and is aimed at various target groups of the sports population.

Informational and educational programmes are purposed in the fields of both elite and club sports in different means of use. Lectures, seminars were developed for the designated target groups - elite and young athletes, coaches, officials, sport managers, medical staff, upper secondary schools, clubs and associations.

Seminars vary from one specialized lecture to a complete course consisting of 16 hours about thedoping control, the health risk of doping, the history and the social background of doping, the list of prohibited doping substances and methods, anti-doping issues, the doping prevention and legislative implications.

If you are interested in having such a seminar contact Michal Polák, Education Manager, E-mail:

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