Only athletes listed in the registered testing pool of either CADC or relevant International Sport Federation (IF) are obliged to announce their whereabouts for possiblity of out-of-competition testing without notice. CADC in cooperation with the relevant Sport Federation has determined criteria for athletes to be a part of the registered testing pool. The registered testing pool is according to various criteria divided in two levels with different whereabouts requirements. Each athlete has to be informed in case he/she is subject to whereabouts requirements. The athletes have to provide their whereabouts information quarterly either on the Whereabouts form or by means of ADAMS system always as 15th day of the months atecedent to following quarter. The whereabouts information can be at any time updated (via ADAMS, SMS, e-mail, post, fax). Any combination of three breaking the whereabouts requirements (missed test, failure to provide or provision of the incomplete whereabouts information) within an 18 months period are consdidered as antidoping rule violation according to the Article 2.4 of the Regulations for Doping Control and Sanctions in Sports in the Czech Republic (Regulations). The whereabouts information can be submitted by another representative; However, the athlete is fully responsible for prospective anti-doping rule violation in relation to whereabouts. If the athlete who is a part of the registered testing pool, terminates the competitive activity, he/she is obliged to inform CADC. Such athlete can again take part in the competitions only under given conditions. The athlete will inform CADC minimum 6 monhs ahead prior to intended resume of activity and notifies CADC about his whereabouts according to Article 5.6 Regulations. Reports on termination and resume competitive activity shall be handed in on the particular CADC forms (see "Termination form" and "Resume form"). If the athlete doesn´t fulfill criteria to be a part of the registered testing pool, he/she inform CADC in writing. Until CADC informs the athlete in writing about withdrawing from the registered tesging pool, the athlete takes no more part in the Register and is no more subject to whereabouts. ADV CR processes personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (No. 101/200 Coll.) and shares them only with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the relevant international federations.