Silicon bracelets TRUE WINNERS

As an athlete you used to have no options to document your engagement to clean sport before the Anti Doping.Denmark did not come with a concept of silicon bracelets TRUE WINNERS. Among other countries the CADC decided to take over the successfull concept this year.

There are two slogans (True Winners and Sport bez dopingu) graven into the green bracelets which anyone can buy for a symbolic amount of 20 CZK (plus shipping). These 20 CZK go back to Anti-Doping education or other means of a support of the combat against doping in sport.

The objective is to eradicate doping, to prevent the health of the athletes and to respect the one and only rule that sport must remain, healthy for body and mind. Owners of the bracelets are proud to demonstrate on public that they do not agree on using the prohibited substances and they do sports purely without them.

The silicon bracelets are meant for both professional athletes who want to show to medias and opponents they compete fair and to amateur sportmen or devotees.

If you want to get the silicon bracelet True winners to expose you rely only on your body and strike in with czech sport stars, contact us.

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