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January 15, 2014

Attention to clenbuterol!

The potential risk of unintentional consumption of clenbuterol through meals is increasing.
Last studies of the Manfred Donike Institut and Research centre for prevention and research of doping at the German Sport University in Cologne have advised of the risk of clenbuterol in meals.
The study reported the examples from China and Mexico, where the representatives from these organizations were sent and the samples collected prior to travel and after their return. The control samples after their return analysed presence of clenbuterol in the range of 90pg/ml to 115pg/ml. The representatives were clean before travelling.
Any presence of this substance in the body is considered as an adverse analytical finding.
The farmers in the above mentioned countries, but most probably also elsewhere in these areas, provide supplementary feed with clenbuterol to their slaughter animals to increase the meat production.
The athletes can therefore be unknowingly positive as a result of meat or sausage consumption from animals fed this way. There are currently no standards banning the supplementary feeding of animals by clenbuterol outside the European Union, therefore the risk is higher.
The only one, at least partial prevention for athletes travelling to China, Mexico and adjacent areas, is catering in the restaurants recommended by the officials or local organizers and no purchasing meat and sausages in the local markets.

February 01, 2011

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